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Streetkicks Dance Studio Berkhamsted

Lunch Clubs & After School Clubs 

These clubs are a great introduction to street dance and performance, for Years 1-6. We provide a nurturing, inclusive and celebratory environment where all children can express themselves freely whilst learning some cool moves with friends in a familiar environment to popular music. We offer a termly 'Watch Week' to all schools, giving children the opportunity to show off their skills to their families. 

Wellbeing Workshop

Using mindfulness, freestyle movement, music, lots of fun props and relaxation activities, we celebrate that we are one of a ​kind! We explore how to acknowledge and move through our ​feelings, and discover how music and movement can help with that process. This is a fun filled workshop, taking the children on a gentle journey, with a focus on normalising their feelings and encouraging emotional freedom. 

Dance & Curriculum Workshops

Have an hour of fun and freedom with these high energy, feel good workshops!


We are currently offering;



                We're Going On A Bear Hunt

                Street Dance

                Science  - States of Matter 'Solid, Liquid, Gas'

Streetkicks Dance Studio Berkhamsted
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